Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Staddon, R. V. (2023). Exploring higher education students’ perspectives on factors affecting use, attitudes and confidence with learning technologies. International Journal of Instruction, 16(2), 31-52.

Staddon, R. V. (2022). A supported flipped learning model for mathematics gives safety nets for online and blended learning. Computers & Education Open, 3, 100106.

Staddon, R. V. (2022). Taxonomies of technological knowledge in higher education: A mapping of students’ perceptions. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, 38(3), 179-196.

Staddon, R. V. (2020). Bringing technology to the mature classroom: Age differences in use and attitudes. International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education, 17, 11.

Marshall, E. M., Staddon, R. V., Wilson, D. A., and Mann, V. E. (2017). Addressing maths anxiety and engaging students with maths within the curriculum. MSOR Connections, 15(3), 28-35.

Peer-Reviewed Conference Proceedings

Staddon, R. V. (2018). Does flipped learning satisfy the technological learning needs of mature students?  In K. Ntalianis, A. Andreatos, & C. Sgouropoulou (Eds.), Proceedings of the 17th European Conference on e-Learning (pp. 694-701). Reading, UK: Academic Conferences and Publishing International Limited.

Invited Talks

2021     Invited speaker at hybrid technology-enhanced learning workshop for the PGCert programme for Xi-an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, 13th October 2021

2017     Keynote speaker at e-learning day at Macclesfield College, 5th July 2017

Conference Presentations (Abstract Peer-Reviewed)

Staddon, R. V. (2022, July). The importance of a supportive environment in the flipped classroom. 29th International Conference on Learning, Valencia, Spain.

Staddon, R. V. (2022, June). Taxonomies of technological knowledge. The Three Rivers North East Universities Consortium Conference 2022, Online.

Staddon, R. V. (2021, September). A ‘supported’ flipped learning model for foundation maths in higher education: student perspectives. BERA Annual Conference 2021, Online.

Staddon, R. V. (2021, July). Saving face when face-to-face is cancelled: Maintaining the personal touch. Foundation Year Network Annual Conference 2021, Keele University (Online).

Staddon, R. V. (2019, September). Flipped learning – panacea or problem? Mature students’ motivations and barriers to technology. BERA Annual Conference 2019, Manchester, UK.

Staddon, R. V. (2019, July). Choosing technology for the mature classroom: Students’ motivations and barriers. 26th International Conference on Learning, Belfast, UK.

Staddon, R. V. (2018, November). Does flipped learning satisfy the technological learning needs of mature students? 17th European Conference on E-Learning, Athens, Greece.

Staddon, R. V. (2018, June). Audio feedback: Students’ and tutors’ perspectives. TELFest 2018, Sheffield, UK.

Priede, C., Ferguson, R., Staddon, R. V., and Tratt, R. (2018, January). Expanding foundations of science – an exercise in mapping and teamwork. Learning and Teaching Conference 2018, Sheffield, UK.

Marshall, E. M., and Staddon, R. V. (2017, July). Using technology to reduce maths anxiety. TELFest 2017, Sheffield, UK.

Staddon, R. V. (2017, June). What the flip? Inverting the foundation maths classroom. SOLSTICE and CLT Conference, Ormskirk, UK.

Marshall, E. M., Wilson, D. A., Mann, V. E., and Staddon, R. V. (2017, March). Addressing maths anxiety within the curriculum. The Second International Conference on Mathematical Resilience, Milton Keynes, UK.

Staddon, R. (2016, July). Thinking outside the box: a mathematics outreach activity for the fearful. Foundation Year Network 10th Annual Conference, Southampton, UK.

Blog Posts

Staddon, R. V. (2021, January 4). Maintaining part-time connections. Thriving Part-Time.

Staddon, R. V. (2019, September 24). Flipped learning – panacea or problem? Mature students’ motivations and barriers to technology. Education Matters in SoEResearch.

Staddon, R. V. (2019, August 1). How mature students choose technology for the classroom at The Learner Conference. Education Matters in SoEResearch.

Other Publications

Staddon, R. V. (2020). Technology and technology-enhanced learning: Age differences in use and attitudes [Doctoral dissertation, University of Sheffield]. White Rose E-Theses Online.

Staddon, R. V. (2018, Winter). The trials and tribulations of being a part-time PhD student. Doctoral Times, 18, p. 28.

Marshall, E. M., Mann, V. E., Wilson, D. A., and Staddon, R. V. (2017, April). Learning and teaching toolkit: Maths anxiety. Unpublished internal documents, University of Sheffield.
What is maths anxiety?
Teaching strategies for overcoming maths anxiety
Teaching strategies case study
Student strategies for overcoming maths anxiety

Staddon, R. (2015, Autumn). Training needs analysis. Doctoral Times, 11, p. 3.

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