My latest publication(s)

My latest publication, which was my last from my PhD, was published in the OnlineFirst section of the International Journal of Instruction. Realised I’d forgotten to mention another publication from December on a supported flipped learning model, so that’s also exciting! As usual, both publications are linked in the Publications section.

New publication and conference

Excited that my latest paper based on my PhD work, “Taxonomies of technological knowledge in higher education: A mapping of students’ perceptions” has been published in the Australasian Journal of Educational Technology. Link below. I’m also looking forward to presenting my paper on the importance of a supportive environment in the flipped classroom at…

BERA Conference 2021

Today is the start of the BERA Conference 2021 and I’m looking forward to presenting later this afternoon my paper on “A ‘Supported’ Flipped Learning Model for Foundation Maths in Higher Education: Student Perspectives”. I’m also excited to see what other researchers have been up to.

New job!

After 7 years in the Department for Lifelong Learning at Sheffield, I will be leaving the wonderful foundation students and my lovely colleagues. From September, I’ll be joining the School of Education at Durham University as a Lecturer! Very exciting.


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This is where I’ll put up any news of upcoming publications, or anything relevant!


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